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SDAEU won the 9th Teaching Achievement Award of Shandong

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Recently, the Education Department of Shandong announced the list of winners of the 9th Teaching Achievement Award (higher education), and the "Research and Practice on the Construction of Applied Undergraduate Talent Training System Construction of Agro-Industrial Integration" chaired by Professor Yang Zhenning of SDAEU won the first prize. In addition, two educational and teaching achievements jointly declared by our school and Shandong Xiehe University, Shandong Women's University won the special prize and the first prize respectively.

For a long time, SDAEU has always focused on theessential task of cultivating people with morality and serving the national strategy of rural revitalization. Taking the opportunity to meet the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education, the school has further clarified its orientation, focused on strengthening the characteristics of agro-industrial integration, and vigorously implemented the "Three-Famous Project", continue to strengthen the connotation construction, continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, pay attention to the cultivation of teaching achievements, and comprehensively improve the level of teaching management and the quality of personnel training. In the future, the school will continue to improve the mechanism for cultivating teaching achievements, commending incentives and promoting application, encouraging teachers to actively carry out education and teaching research and reform practice, improve the quality of talent training, form excellent teaching results, andfurthercontribute to the construction of high-level application-oriented undergraduateuniversity.

It is reported that the 9th Shandong Province Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) has selected 607 achievements, including 32 special awards, 201 first prizes and 374 second prizes.

(Contributor:Wang Tingting; Reviewer:Wang Mingjing; Final Reviewer: Kang Lu)

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