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Our Delegation Visited Irish and British Universities

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From November 24 to December 1, Wang Xikui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SDAEU, and a group of five visited four Irish and British universities, namely Institute of Technology Tralee of Ireland, University of the West of Scotland, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Newcastle University (London Campus). Relevant personnel from the Academic Affairs Office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, theS chool of Agriculture Science and Technology, and the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering accompanied the visit.

The delegation first visited the Northern Campus ofInstitute of Technology Tralee in Ireland, and talked with the department directors, including Eddie Scully, Director of the International Department, Dr. Patrick Carney, Director of the School of Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and Ms Brigid Crowley, Director of School of Computer and Information Technology, conducted a detailed exchanges on thebachelor programs of Electrical Automation and Computer Application, and in-depth discussions on the credits recognition and undergraduate curriculum setting of the two universities. The presidents of the two universities signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Institute of Technology Tralee and Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University on behalf of the schools, looking forward to carrying out substantive cooperation.

The delegation went to the Paisley campus of University of the West of Scotland, talked with Chen Jun, Regional Director of East Asia, InternationalOffice, Carl Schaschke, Director of the School of Computer, Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Fernando, Director of English Language Department of School of Education and Social Sciences. During the meeting, they exchanged opinions on the exchange students of Business English, the“3+1+1” the Bachelors-Masters Degrees, exchanged information on teaching modes, theoretical and practical courses in related professional fields, and signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Shandong Agriculture and Engineering University and University of the West of Scotland, discussed the specific mode of the future cooperation. The delegation made in-depth inspections on the construction of professional training bases for mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and food processing on the campus, as well as the green, environmentally friendly, highly automated, and humanistic caring teaching facilities and learning environmentof the Hamilton campus.

At the Manchester Metropolitan University, the delegation held talks with Alison Chambers,Vice President of the university, Rebecca Lawthom,Director of the InternationalSchool, and Ajay Patel, a senior lecturer at the School of Food Nutrition and Health. The two parties talked aboutthe “4+1” the Bachelors-Masters Degrees Program of Food Quality and Safety, Food Nutrition and Inspection, andf urther explored the cooperation intention in the nearly future.

During the visit to the University of Newcastle (London Campus), Yoshie Abe, the responsible manager of the campus, introduced Newcastle University's postgraduate courses in business majors, admission requirements, etc. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the graduate programs in business majors, and discussed further cooperation in detail.

The delegation's visit to Ireland and the United Kingdom is the first time of our school that our school has sent a delegation to visit European universities. During the visit, the delegation was warmly received by the visiting universities, met with relevant leaders,directors of international office and professional teachers, and learned from each other on the specific content of the education system, curriculum, and teaching models. We conducted effective communication and in-depth discussions on student training, teachers exchange, and teaching and scientific research cooperation mechanisms. We signed cooperation memorandums with the two of them and reached a multi-directional cooperation intention.

The visit was full of content and fruitful, opened a new field of substantial cooperation between our school and European universities, provided more opportunities for our students to go abroad for further studies and teachers to carry out teaching and research exchanges. The relevant departments of the school will further communicate with each other about the cooperation matters of each university and implement the results of the visit.

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