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The Chinese Representative Office of the Institute of Technology Tralee visited SDAEU

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On the afternoon of June 5th, Liu Xu, President of Beijing Hongruihai International Educational Consultants Co., Ltd., China Representative Office of Institute of Technology Tralee,Ireland, visited SDAEU. Vice President Zhang Zhaoming met with President Liu Xu, Academic Affairs Office, International Affairs Office, and deans of the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and the School of Information Science and Engineering extended a warm welcome to President Liu Xu's visit and attended themeeting.

At the meeting, Vice President Zhang Zhaoming expressed a sincere welcome to President Liu Xu’s visit again. He affirmed and supported the cooperation project and raised expectations for the cooperation project between the two universities. Men Huihua, the deputy director of the International Affairs Office, summarized the basic situation of the early cooperation between the two universities. Wang Mingjing, the director of the Academic Affairs Office, gave a detailed explanation of the management methods for the recognition of courses and the mutual recognition of credits for the inter-school exchange program of our school. President Liu Xu gave a brief report on the recent development ofInstitute of Technology Tralee. After that, the two parties exchanged and negotiated on the Sino-Irish credit recognition project.

Song Weihai, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Yang Xiande, Dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering, and President Liu Xu conducted a fruitful discussion on specific operational matters such as the mutual recognition of credits for the Electrical Automation Technology and the Computer Network Technology, and put forward their own opinions on the specific implementation of the cooperation program, and raised constructive suggestions on how to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties. Finally, the two sides hope to deepen cooperation and optimize the model on the current foundation, so as to implement the cooperation project between the two universities for undergraduate education.

Founded in 1977, the Institute of Technology Tralee is a public polytechnic institution in Ireland. It currently has two campuses in the north and south, including three colleges, covering agriculture, biology and pharmaceuticals, business and management, architecture, creative media, Engineering, environment, food, culinary arts, information science, computer technology and many other disciplines, recruited international students for nearly 30 years, and there are currently more than 400 international students.

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