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Li Xin, chairman of Qingdao AERY Education Holdings Co., Ltd., visited SDAEU

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On the afternoon of July 9th, Li Xin, Chairman of the Qingdao AERY Education Holdings Co., Ltd., and Liu Peng, the executive vice president, visited SDAEU. Vice President Zhang Zhaoming met with them. Men Huihua, Deputy Directorof the International Affairs Office and staff attended the meeting.

Zhang Zhaoming first extended a warm welcome to Chairman Li Xin and his entourage, and gave a brief introduction to our school in terms of campus construction, faculty, school characteristics and international exchanges. He hoped that on the basis of the preliminary negotiation, the two sides can carry out in-depth, meticulous, pragmatic and effective cooperation in personnel training and scientific research with the engineering majors of our school as the starting point for cooperation. He said that Germany, as an industrial power, its dual education system is one of the successful models of vocational education in the world, and the mature experience of German universities is worth learning from.

Li Xin expressed his appreciation for the school's characteristics of running a school, hoped to develop in-depth cooperation with the school, and look forward to in-depth exchanges and discussions between the two parties, establishing a communication mechanism, cooperating in students joint training, teacher-student exchanges, etc., and achieving substantive results.

AERY Gruppe was founded in 2005 in Aachen, Germany. Its headquarters is now located in Dusseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a comprehensive Sino-German group with education as its main business, committed to providing high-quality educational content, educational training resources and various education-related services for schools, educational institutions and students of different ages in Germany and around the world. The group now has more than 400 employees in Germany and more than 200 employees in China. Qingdao AERY Education Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in China by Germany AERY Gruppe in 2016, whose business mainly focuses around the investment, management and operation of German education projects in China, involving universities, colleges and dual vocational colleges in multiple education stages, covering cooperative education, international education exchanges, study tours, cultural and sports cooperation and other directions.

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