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International Affairs Office Learned Xi Jinping's Reply to the International Students of Peking University

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On the morning of July 26,all the members of International Affairs Office learned the reply letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping to the international students of Peking University.

In June, 45 international students representatives of Peking University from 32 countries wrote a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping, expressing good wishes to the centennial of the Communist Party of China. The letter described their experience of studying and living in China, expressing their sincere praise for China's great achievements under the strong leadership of the CPC, and a high degree of recognition of the CPC's people-centered development vision. In his reply, President Xi fully affirmed that the overseas students have taken the initiative to understand China's national conditions and the history of the CPC, and put forward ardent expectations for the overseas students in China.

Through the study of the reply, Men Huihua, Director of the International Affairs Office, said that the spirit of the reply not only reflects the great importance of the CPC on the opening up of education in the new era and the kind attention for the vast number of international students in China, but also pointed out the direction and provided the prime guide for the further development of our school's international students study, the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and the enhancement of our school’s international influence. In the future management of international students,SDAEU will continue to improve the management and service mechanism for studying abroad, consolidate the main responsibilities, clarify the division of work, standardize management, and ensure that the quality of international talents training for studying abroad programs is continuously strengthened.

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