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SDAEU held Pre-departure Training Meeting for Teachers and Students planing to Study Abroad in 2021

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On the afternoon of July 16,SDAEU conducted pre-departure training for teachers and students who intend to study abroad in 2021 through a combination of online and offline methods. Vice President Zhang Zhaoming attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The heads of the International Affairs Office, the Personnel Office, the Students Office and other departments, as well as 12 teachers and students who plan to study abroad in the latter half of 2021, participated in the training meeting.

At the meeting, Men Huihua, Director of the International Affairs Office, conducted systematic training for teachers and students in terms of policies and regulations, foreign affairs discipline, security and confidentiality requirements, handling of emergencies and unexpected situations, and common sense of working and living abroad. Zhou Anzhong, Director of the Personnel Office, and Chen Xianfeng, Director of the Students Office, respectively put forward specific requirements for teachers and students from a management perspective.

The vice president Zhang Zhaoming congratulated all the teachers and students who had obtained the opportunity to study and exchange abroad, andthen raised several requirements for them: first, we must do well in pandemic prevention; second, we must abide by foreign laws and regulations, and respect local customs and religious beliefs; third, we must establish safety awareness and strengthen self-prevention; fourth, we must tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese culture.

In recent years, our school has attached great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, and has actively built diversified platforms to provide teachers and students with opportunities for exchanges and learning abroad. This training meeting is the second pre-departure training meeting after the "Safe Study Abroad" pre-departure training meeting of the Ministry of Education. It is an in-depth implementation of the spirit of "safe study abroad, healthy study abroad, civilized study abroad, and successful study abroad". After the training, teachers and students expressed that they would cherish learning opportunities, returnafter learning, and serve the school!

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