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Sino-Australian Cooperation Program "Food Nutrition and Detection"of SDAEU held 2021 "Cloud" Graduation Ceremony

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On the afternoon of June 23,SDAEU held a unique "cloud" graduation ceremony for the 2021 graduates of the Sino-Australian cooperation program"Food Nutrition and Detection" in the lecture hall of Zibo campus through a combination of online and offline methods. Vice President Zhang Zhaoming, Ms.Phoebe Chen, Director of the Australian Association of Education and Training, and related staff attended the ceremony.

At the graduation ceremony, the outstanding graduate representatives Zhao Tianle and Wu Wenjing respectively expressed their sincere thanks to their alma mater, the teachers and students of the two sides. They all expressed that the training of their alma mater is unforgettable, and the teacher's guide makes them grow better. Especially affected by the pandemic, Australian teachers were unable to come to the school to give classes.They thank alma mater's efforts to successfully carry out online courses.


In his speech, Vice President Zhang Zhaoming congratulated the 2021 graduates and expressed his most sincere gratitude to the teachers of the two schools who have devoted countless efforts to the growth of graduates. In the message to the graduates, Vice President Zhang Zhaoming gave high hopes to the graduates who are about to enter a new stage of life. One is to hope the students will be ambitious and learn for life; the other is to hope the students will be brave and enterprising;and hope the students will unite and cooperate.

Ms.Phoebe Chen, from the Australian Association of Education and Training, also sends good wishes to the 2021 graduates, wishing them to live up to their dreams, live up to their youth, endure thousands of sails and still beyouth, and wish them a new life and a bright future.

Finally, the 2021 Sino-Australian cooperation program "Food Nutrition and Detection" online graduation ceremony came to an end with the reluctance of teachers and students.

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